I love Bible Journaling because it helps me deepen my devotional time with God.  I’m a crafty person and I love to make buy myself making things.  For me, there’s nothing like seeing something made from scratch and knowing that all the hard work was worth it when you are able to take in the beautiful result.  But it’s not just the finished product – it’s the making of it, the work that goes into it and the way it focuses me and helps me get my head out of worries and stresses and into just simply creating.

Our God is a God of creativity.  He made this beautiful world, after all.  He is a creator God and so it makes sense to me that as we are made in His image we are creators too. Maybe you like to create food, or create laughs, or create cards or knitted scarves or beaded keychains.  Maybe you just like to create memories.  Either way, we are creating every day that we live.  For me, Bible Journaling is just another facet to this.

It can be daunting for some at first, picking up a pen or a paintbrush and committing it to a page of your Bible.  If you’re anything like me, your Bible is a very precious thing.  So I get how scary it might be to draw on it.  But it’s okay.  It’s all for God.

I Bible Journal most nights know and I do it not for the pleasure of creating, but for the pleasure of creating for God.  Sometimes I play music while I journal, other times I rest in the quiet, listening.  Sometimes I start with a devotional study, other times I start with prayer and am lead to the verse I later make art with.  Either way, I feel closer to God with my pen in hand.  Bible Journaling helps me to think through what God is saying to me though His word.  It helps me to make links with my own experiences and between different sections of scripture.  It leads my prayer with images, helps me memorize and take to heart certain passages of scripture, and ultimately helps me to listen to and respond to God.

It’s like a scrapbook of my walk with the Lord.