That’s what someone exclaimed when I was trying to explain my new pastime to them.  I had to explain the whole thing to them twice and they still had that look of disbelief, with a dash of disapproval thrown in there too just for good measure.

So what do I do in my Bible?  I journal.

Bible journaling was a foreign concept to me until just a few months ago when I saw a few pictures on Pinterest (anyone else spend hours on there without realizing it?!).  I was intrigued, and when a saw a free workshop advertised at my local Christian bookstore, I figured ‘Why not?’.  I went along to the drop-in workshop with only my trusty old Bible and a pen; and boy did I fall in love.

Bible journaling is a new approach to getting creative in your quiet time.  It’s growing in popularity and now I have tried it for myself I can absolutely see why: I’m hooked!

The simple explanation of Bible journaling is that you journal your thoughts right onto the page of the Good Book.  You can draw, write, date: whatever you choose.  No two people will journal the same way and so no two journaling Bibles will look the same.  But that’s the beauty of it: it’s a way for us to be creative for, and with, God.

I’ve always been a creative soul – I crochet, sew, make jewelry, write and I’ve always loved doodling.  So when I found a way I could do that for the Lord I thought I had hit the jackpot!  I truly love it, and from having never done anything like it before just a few months ago, I now journal in my Bible most nights.  Sometimes for hours.

So if you, too, are echoing the exclamation ‘You do WHAT in your Bible?’ read on and see for yourselves.  You might just get hooked on it too…