We all have them.  Today, I definitely have.  A bad day can change your mood so much.  It can knock you for six sometimes, make you question almost everything and make you, in my case, just really really really tired.  And I don’t just mean physically.

Today I have struggled.  If I’m honest, I struggled yesterday and Monday too, so it’s not been the best of weeks so far!  My class at school have been tricky to say the least, I’ve felt under the weather, the weather itself has been driving me crazy (freezing cold one minute, summery hot the next), and there have a been a few ‘people problems’ to boot.  Like I said, not the best of weeks.  So far…

Sometimes, a bad day is easy to brush off.  You can laugh about it, talk it out, whatever.  Other times, it just feels like too much and you just don’t know where to turn.  You keep on pushing through, but you even wonder if you can manage that.  I’ve always tried to follow the wise words of Dory and just keep swimming, but some days, let’s be honest: you’re sinking.

Last night I laid awake in bed trying desperately to sleep because I was just so tired. I turned on some music to help and as I listened one word hit me: movement.  That was all, just movement.  You know those times when you almost laugh because you just know God is doing or saying something, dropping a big hint?  Those moments when you lift your head up to the heavens and shake your head with a smile and say ‘Okay, God, I get it’?

Movements.  God was dropping me a big hint.  It was not just keep swimming.  It was not even keep running the race.  It was only this: just keep moving.

Some days are like that.  Some days you aren’t running, you aren’t leaping with praise, you aren’t even walking, and dancing is completely out of the question.  Some days you’re barely crawling.  But on those days, I believe God just wants us to keep moving.  We might be tired, we might wish we were somewhere else, anywhere else, and we might feel like we are failing.  It might be hard to smile, or even get out of bed.  But whatever small thing we do, even if it really is just getting out of bed, counts.  However small the steps, however long they take or how few they are, so long as they are movements towards Him they are enough.

Days like those, so long as you just keep moving, God will do the rest.  God already has done the rest.