I love mornings.  I’m that rare person who actually chooses to get up at 5am.  Even at weekends I’m always up early.  I just can’t seem to help it.  I’d much rather get up at the crack of dawn and enjoy the daylight hours, pack them full, and retire to bed early ready to do the same all over again the next day.

One day this week it was such a beautiful morning that I had to pull over on my drive to work just to photograph it.  Of course, the vibrancy of colors never truly does come across on a mere photograph, but believe me when I tell you the colors of that morning were simply stunning, the sky alive and ablaze with such rich golden, rose and purple tones that  I just had to stop and snap a picture.  There was not another car on the road (like I say, I’m always up and about early so every sane person was no doubt still in bed!) and so I quietly parked in a safe spot, took my picture and paused.


I’ve adopted a new morning routine in the past month.  I’ve always done my Bible reading and studying in the evenings, and I still do.  But recently I have added a ‘quiet time’ in the morning too.  Nothing spectacular, just fifteen minutes to read the day’s thoughts from ‘Jesus Calling’, read some scripture, and focus my day with prayer.  Somedays I worry I won’t have time to do that and get to work without rushing, but I always do.  God’s good with timing, I suppose…

Anyway, my new morning routine is helping.  Not only does it start my day right, but it’s actually led to me calling on God more throughout the day too.  I’ve learned that when you start the day talking to God, the conversation carries on right through till dark.  It’s also helping me count my blessings.  And one of those blessings has been the beauty of each morning.


Somedays it’s hard to count blessings.  You have a bad day at work, you’re feeling under the weather, the bills are too big and your jeans too small and there’s a powercut to top it all off.  But there’s always the sky.  Whether it’s the beautiful blue of a cloudless, wide, bright day, or the drama of a flashing storm, or even the fiery break of dawn, the sky is always there to remind you that God has blessed you, at the very least, with a new day.  And, as blessings go, that’s not a bad place to start.