In just over a month, I’ll be boarding a plane for home.  The quicker that day approaches, the more I get excited about it.  I’ve been here in the States for almost a year now, and while it’s been equal parts challenging and wonderful, I’m so ready to go home!

I’ve learned – and gained – so much in my time living in the States.  I’ve made so many happy memories, been to so many new places, discovered new talents and found new friends.  A place that seemed so foreign when I first arrived has come to feel more familiar and comfortable.  At times, it has even felt like a sort of home – a temporary home.  But if I’m honest, home will only ever be one place for me, and that place is a friendly city full of hills in the North of England 🙂

One thing I’ve loved about being in North Carolina is the new Christian music I’ve discovered, thanks to the radio station that plays constantly in my car.  One of the new songs that I’m currently playing on repeat is ‘Home’ by Chris Tomlin.


How you define home is up for debate.  Some people say it is where you are born, others where you move to or settle in, still others say it is the place you spend the longest.  Some will say home is a place, others a person, or maybe even a job or action that makes you feel at home.  I’m incredibly blessed to have an amazing church family back home that hail from places as far afield as Nepal, but who call that hilly city in the North of England their home.  And why shouldn’t they, if it feels like home?

I think that what makes home for me is the people and the feeling of being accepted.  I have found a nice church here, but it will never be my home church, the place where friends are family, language is nothing more complicated than a shared smile, and people love you even with frizzy hair and a bad temper.  Home is where God is, and where His hands and feet are moving and His family one.

But really, even my ‘home’ is just temporary.  I can feel at home wherever I am, because my home is ultimately in Christ.

Friends, this world is not your home, so don’t make yourselves cozy in it.

– 1 Peter 2: 11


This world is not our home.  As Chris Tomlin sings, ‘where every fear is gone, I’m in your open arms, where I belong…in heaven’ is.

North Carolina is not perfect.  England is not perfect either.  But heaven is.   And as much as I can’t wait to go home in a month, I’ll still hold my true home in my heart wherever I am.  Because as another song I’m currently playing on repeat reminds me, ‘I know Heaven waits for me… and while I’m waiting, I’m not waiting, I know Heaven lives in me’ (‘As it is (in Heaven)’ by Hillsong Worship).