I love the sunshine.  North Carolina weather is beautiful at the moment: sunny, hot but not too hot, and big clear blue skies.  I can’t wait to be able to take a break from work and really enjoy it.

I have just six days left with my class of kiddos now, and as any teacher will tell you, the end of the school year is a stressful time.  There’s testing to be done, paperwork to sort, classrooms to tidy and clear out, reports to write, class lists to compile, evaluations to complete, lost library books to find…the list goes on.  Sometimes it feels as if there aren’t enough hours in the day.

It’s easy in stressful times to forget to give thanks.  You get so busy wishing for something else, or something more – more time, more hands, more help, more good luck – that you can glance over what is already there.  I’ve had days this past few weeks where I’ve seriously doubted whether I would get to June 9th in one piece!  But I will, and here’s why…

He wakens me morning by morning, wakens my ear to listen…  – Isaiah 50:4


God gives us each day as a fresh start, and He makes the sun shine on us.  Even when the clouds roll in or the rains fall or the storms hit, we know the sun is still there.  It might be hiding out of sight, but it’s still there.  And God is too.

I have lots to do before I close my classroom door here for the last time.  I have duties still to complete and a long to do list.  But one of the items written there is to be thankful. We won’t get this day again, and so however much it begins to feel like a race without a rest stop, I want to remember to thank God for giving it to me in the first place.  I want to remember to listen for all the blessings He has placed there.

I want to remember to thank God for the sunshine.